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Monday, May 05, 2008

Fab, DJ1YFK @ 150 - 200 WPM

Yes, can you believe that? 200 wpm -words per minute - Morse Code. There are just a few guys in the world that can copy at that speed, one of them is my good friend Fab, DJ1YFK. He is in the top list of hte RUFZxp permanent ultra high speed Morse Code contest. . He is also top in the standings of the Bavarian Contest Club High Speed CW competition using the contest simulator by JE3MAS.
I bet you won't copy a single bit of what's he is doing in the videos, but anyway it's amazin to see how he performs!!!

In this first video he copies JA7MEH at 1000 CPM, that is 200 WPM based on the PARIS meassure system. He copied the call on the first try!

Here Several calls at 150 + WPM!!!

Vy 73.
Martin, LU5DX

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