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Thursday, March 13, 2008


Hey everybody!We enjoyed another excellent weekend at LT1F!! Meeting Mario LW8DQ and Horacio LW7DX two ops at LR2F at Rosario's bus station was our first surprise. It was around 6 am in the morning and after chatting for a while with them we headed to LT1F with Karl, LU1FKR .One our way to the antenna farm we stopped by Jose's LU1FJto get our backup rig an IC756. When you are arriving at LT1F you start remembering wonderful moments spent along with good friends what is always a priority for us all. After we parked our cars, we checked rotarors and antennas and everything was ok. After awhile we started hooking up the radios and amplifiers. Our main station was anIC775DSP + L4B and our multiplier station was an IC756 + TL922, with two networked PCs. We tested all the antennas except for our 2 El delta loop for 80 and our 160Slooper. After we connected our 80 antenna we realized that something was wrong.The 75 ohms feed line wasn't working and after 30 minutes Karl LU1FKR solved ourfirst issue. All antennas were working fine, so it was time to verify all computers were working ok Lucas's notebookwasn't working properly when we tried to load N1MM but after a fast deletion of internet temporary files (1.5gbs) it started working ok. We used 2 external USB keyboards, so we ran both station on in every possible band combination to make sure RFI problems were not present.
Videos at: .

Finally the station was ready to go.We ate our first bbq of the weekend by Friday's noon. Santi LU1FT joined us and at 2:30 PM, I took a nap to recover from the trip. When I woke up Fabi LU1AEE and Marco LU7ACW (Fabian´s 14 years old son) were at the station. Now going back to the contest. I started it on 20 which produced 230 Qs during the 1st hour. After 2 hours we switched to 40 and realized that we had a big SWR. Very fast Santi and Karl checked the feed line connector outside of the shack, in the meantime,I headed for 80 m and ran 22 Q´s at 02 UTC which is quiet a good number due to the bigEU-USA wall to wall qrm. When the 40 antenna (3 el) was working again we went to 40 m and made 140 and 170 Qs reively .That was our first night.The morning was slow. At 1PM UTC we started working station on 15. We continually checked 10 but the band was dead for most part of the contest. We ran a few stations on 10. During our lunch Juan Pablo LU4DX and Jorge LW4EU payed us a visit,that included our second bbq of the weekend. I want to congratulate Marco LU7ACW, who didn't operate but he was always checking bandconditions and put multipliers into the band map during the whole contest! He didan excellent job! Thank you Marco!!
During the first night we didn't notice any difference between our 2 El DeltaLoop and the beverage. Fabian, Marco and I checked the bev and fixed it, something wasn'tworking well. Now we are planning to put another one for the SSB one. Our 160 slooper played well, but I have to confess that we didn't pay muchattention to 160. Lucas just moved some stations from 80 to 160, I want to congratulate K1ZM andK3LR who were the strongest signals on Top Band!That was it. Another excellent contest from LT1F. We all want to thank Karl LU1FKR for his support and to all of you who contacted us. Hopefully we will beduring the SSB one M/S as well.

Calls on 6 Bands:






2 QSO in minute 609

3 QSO in minute 342

4 QSO in minute 147

5 QSO in minute 39

6 QSO in minute 2
Station: LT1F
Class: M/S HP
QTH: Rosario
Operating Time (hrs): 47.4
Summary: Band QSOs Mults
160: 10 7
80: 279 49
40: 918 57
20: 1041 59
15: 1273 58
10: 169 39
Total: 3690 269 Total Score = 2,977,830Club: LUCG

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