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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

2007 ARRL INT'L from LU4DX's

I will enter next ARRL INT'L DX CW contest from LU4DX's. I was invited by Tim, LW9EOC to join him but it will not be possible, because of job issues on my side. Thanks to the kind help from Juan Pablo LU4DX, and Jorge LW4EU, I will be able to enter the contest SOAB Assited,

From 2006 CQ WW DX...

Juan Pablo's station is located in Chivilcoy, 65 miles due west from my home town Lujan.

I have entered several other contests before from LU4DX's.

2003 CQ WW DX CW - SOSB 28 A - 1st. place world -SA Record
2005 CQ WW DX CW - SOSB 21 A - 1st. place world -World Record.
2006 CQ WW DX CW - SOAB A -1R- 3rd. place world - Claimed Score.

From 2006 CQ WW DX...

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